CDT, Day 20 — Along the Oregon Trail

CDT, Day 20 — July 22 — 25.5 miles

After a restful night, I hit the trail at 6:45 a.m., hoping to reach a campsite on the Sweetwater River.

Today featured short water carries of just 4, 5, 7, and 9 miles, allowing me to carry less than 2 liters and making hiking easier.

The route ran through gently rolling sagebrush covered hills, with bright green, wet meadows interrupting the tan sagebrush here and there. I saw many pronghorns at a distance, fawns running just as fast as their mothers.

Much of the trail today runs along the Oregon Trail (see photo). Overcast skies in the afternoon kept the air cool, but persistent headwinds made for hard going.

When I finally arrived, I was surprised to find mountain bikers Jessie and Edith camped by the river. After a quick dip, we chatted over dinner. CDT hiker Malto appeared after hiking 35 miles; he kept going to get his 40 miles!

Tomorrow I reach South Pass City, where I resupply.

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