CDT, Day 15 — Recuperation in Rawlins

CDT, Day 15 — July 17 — 0 miles

After a restful night, I could almost walk normally. After breakfasting on leftover granola, I headed across the street to McDonald's for two sausage/cheese/egg McMuffins and a cup of coffee.

Then back to the motel for some foot soaking, followed by a fruitless search for a fuel canister. I estimated I had about three dinner’s worth of fuel, a fact that helped determine my dinner choices at the City Market.

After lunch at Subway, I called Betsy to ask her to mail a fuel canister and a new pair of running shoes to South Pass City, my next resupply spot — 120 miles away across the Red Desert. Having Betsy at home is a huge plus for me to keep moving as things wear out or aren’t available locally.

More foot soaking, journal writing, and taking care of small tasks. Dinner at a Pizza Hut. I could probably resume hiking tomorrow, but I’ll take one more zero day of recuperation.

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