CDT, Day 11 — Welcome to Wyoming

CDT, Day 11 — July 13 — 18.5 miles

More ups and downs and a storm. After waking up, we hiked just a mile before entering Wyoming, my third CDT state, where a pile of deadfalls and a small pool of water greeted us. The first mile in Wyoming featured many more nasty deadfalls, but after that it appears that CDT volunteers have removed most of the fallen trees. Thank you!

The CDT more or less followed the Continental Divide as we walked, gaining and losing elevation in 500-foot chunks. Some of the climbs were extremely steep, but we labored on through open sub-alpine forests.

After lunch at mile 8 on the day, we hiked into the Huston Park Wilderness, featuring several steep climbs. Dark clouds built overhead before unleashing strong winds, rain, and lightning. We hunkered down in our rain gear until the storm abated.

After one more climb, the terrain eased up a bit with large wet meadows (see photo). John stopped for the day at a stream at mile 15, while I continued on, hoping to reach Battle Pass early tomorrow to score a ride into Encampment so I can clean up.

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