CDT, August 2020 — Recovery

CDT — Aug. 5 — Recovery

I’ve been off the Continental Divide Trail for 11 days waiting for my right foot, right thigh, and right hip to stop hurting. Glacial progress thus far.

The underlying cause of the problems has eluded me. But yesterday, I visited ace physical therapist, Bob Carny at Altitude Physical Therapy in Boulder, to seek his opinion. Bob worked on my knotted right piriformis muscle for several weeks before I started hiking on July 1. After listening to complaints then checking me out, Bob suggested that I somehow aggravated the piriformis injury on the trail — maybe when I fell on a large boulder the day before summiting James Peak. Hiking too many miles in succession in Wyoming probably made matters worse.

Bob thinks that the piriformis injury caused, and continues to cause, the other problems. I’ll see him two more times this week, then next week I‘ll have two dry-needling sessions with one of his colleagues. I’ll also go back to my physician to determine if I'm still having back issues, such as a herniated disc.

Piriformis pain.

Yesterday, I started rolling a tennis ball under my right hip (you can’t see it in the photo) to help relax the piriformis. I’m supposed to keep the ball in one position until the pain subsides, then move to another spot close by; the expression on my face in the photo accurately captures the feeling.

By the end of next week, I’d like to be sufficiently healed to take a hike on the Mesa Trail just south of Boulder. If that works out, I’ll take a hike with my loaded backpack. If that goes well, I’d like to finish the 82-mile section of the CDT between Grand Lake and Rabbit Ears Pass that I skipped. And if that comes off well, I’d like to get back to South Pass City, Wyo., and hike for three weeks to Lima, Mont., where I will it good for 2020.

Thanks for following my journey and stay tuned for further developments.

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