Day 57 – Nice people but Crummy roads

After a pleasant night on Haley’s pull-out couch in her living room, we got up at 6am, ate breakfast, thanked our host for her hospitality, and started biking. We crossed the Penobscot River on a high bridge, then rode north on Hwy 127 for 5 miles to Old Stage Road- through deciduous forests. Changes in county road names required us to check our map frequently to stay on the ACA route. At Wiscasset, we crossed the Sheepscot River at low tide (see photo).

Busy US Hwy 1 had a good shoulder, and we biked 8 miles to Newcastle for breakfast #2 at Cassie’s. Tourists packed the streets and sidewalks. Onward we biked for 11 miles on US 1 to Waldboro, then for 6 more miles we pedaled to Hwy 90. The 13-mile ride to Rockport featured more hills, little traffic, and a flat tire just as I entered town. Betsy and I had almost replaced the punctured tube when a motorist stopped and asked if he could help. In about 10 seconds, he got the last bit of the tire casing on the wheel rim. Then he gave us hints for sights to see at Acadia National Park.

As we started biking after the tire repair, an older chap asked us about our adventure. About 15 minutes later, this fellow stopped and offered his ancient bicycle floor pump to get my tire pressure up to 90 psi; how sweet of him! Abandoning the ACA route, we continued on US 1. In a few miles, the shoulder disappeared. In addition, the edge of the pavement often harbored holes and missing chunks of asphalt. Also, light rain started falling. This was one of the worst 10 miles of highway we’ve experienced on our entire trip! Happily, the shoulder re-appeared about 5 miles from Belfast- our destination. We rode to the home of Betsy’s college roommate and her partner. We recalled the many kindnesses that we’ve received on our trip and promptly forgot about the rotten pavement. We chatted with our friends and ate a wonderful home-cooked dinner.

7/22/19 - Bath, ME to Belfast, ME: 70 miles

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