Day 51 – Steep climbs in Adirondack Park Preserve

Last night was another cool night for sleeping. We got up at the same time as Jill and her compatriots who arrived last evening. After packing and eating, we bid our friends good riding and set forth on Boonville Road for 18 miles to Hwy 28. We experienced lots of steep ups and downs, especially after we crossed the unmarked boundary of the Adirondack Park Preserve. At Hwy 28, we turned north on a better road with climbs, but not as steep.

We passed through mostly northern hardwood forest, with occasional homes. At Thendara, I saw an old passenger rail car on a siding. Decades ago, people from New York City probably road trains like this for a summer vacation on the North Branch of the Moose River. Two miles later, we reached the Fulton Chain of Lakes and Old Forge. The place was teeming with tourists. Walt’s Diner served us breakfast. After breakfast, we biked east for 12 miles to Inlet (still on the Fulton Chain). We got a chocolate milk treat and air in our tires. Several miles later, we ate lunch on a public dock at Seventh Lake.

After lunch, we pedaled east on Hwy 28 to Blue Mountain Lake. A swimming beach provided a view of the nearby peaks (see photo). After buying food at a C-store, we rode north on highways 28N and 30, toward Long Lake. The road started with a steep, mile-long climb. After 7 miles of ups and downs, we turned south on North Point Road. In a quarter mile we came to Hideaway Campsite, our destination. Nobody was around. After we found a campsite overlooking Long Lake, two campers in a trailer came by and collected $20 (the owner was away for the day). After dinner and showers we felt great!

July 16, 2019 - Boonville, NY to Long Lake, NY: 68.9 miles

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