Day 48 – Erie Canal

Today we got up and on the bike at the usual time. Our neighbor Bruce came over to wish us well. We biked south, back to Hwy 31, and headed east. We had learned that the canal trail is rough and not paved until east of Spencer-port. Soon I found a wallet lying on the highway shoulder. In Medina, the next town, we dropped the wallet at the police department. Eastward we rode to Holley, then Brockport -where the traffic increased greatly. We continued eastward to Spencerport, where we turned north and visited a bike shop in hopes of topping off our tires and finding a canal trail map.

No luck with the map. Curiously, the guy in the bike shop expressed little interest in the canal trail. Back on Hwy 31, we rode for 5 miles to the point where the canal passed under the highway. Happily, we found an access to the now-paved trail that paralleled I-390 around the west, then south, sides of Rochester. We ate lunch on a shady picnic table where the canal intersected the Genessee River, which flowed north into the city. In a few miles, we passed within 50 feet of an REI store. We continued east for 5 more miles to Pittsford and got back on Hwy 31.

Just before we reached the highway, a wedding party stood in the bike path. We rode between the bride and groom and the rest of the party. For the last 12 miles of the day to Palmyra, we climbed several hills, necessitating a cold drink stop. In Palmyra we found the Marina Community Park 200 feet from the canal and sat under the pavilion in the shade. After getting food and buying a book, we cleaned up and cooked dinner. It’s great to be here!

07/13/19 - Middleport, NY to Palmyra, NY: 78.2 miles

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  1. How far along are you ? The whole thing make my rear sore just reading the ride descriptions.

    Keep trucking you guys as this is most impressive.

    Dan Bowers

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