Day 44 – Lake Erie

July 09, 2019 - Wallaceburg, ON to Port Stanley, ON : 82.9 miles

Happily, our motel room had windows that opened fully. The cool night air helped us sleep soundly. We arose at 6 am and left at 7 am, after eating the modest motel breakfast. We rode east, then southeast on Hwy 15 for 34 miles without any shoulder. The 80 -90 kph (48 - 54 mph) speed limit plus light traffic and flat land made biking easy. After riding east for 3 more miles to Ridgetown, we turned south on Hwy 17 and ate breakfast at the south end of town at the Smokehouse Restaurant. Refueled, we rode 4 miles south to Hwy 3 and turned east. There was more traffic but still no shoulder.

Just east of Palmyra, we stopped for water at a restored round barn- now with gifts and baked goods. After a few miles, the highway sprouted a shoulder. Near New Glasgow, we ate lunch on the steps of a cemetery next to the highway. We biked east for 11 miles to Wallacetown, where we stopped for a cold drink and a treat. We turned south on County Road 8, then County Road 16 (no shoulder), as we headed east toward Lake Erie. During the day, we only had brief peeks at the distant lake, but at Port Stanley, we arrived at Lake Erie. Having seen few people on the roads today, we were surprised at the traffic in town.

After getting directions to our Warm Showers’ host Terry’s home, we bought groceries, then rode a mile west of town. One of the hills was so steep that we walked our bikes up the hill. When we arrived at Terry’s, he was leaving on an errand. He told us to make ourselves at home, which we did. After cleaning up, we cooked and ate dinner on the deck overlooking Lake Erie (see photo). Terry returned and we chatted about our outdoor adventures. What a grand place to stay!

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