Day 36 – Bay View Michigan

July 1  Bay View, Michigan : 0 miles

Yesterday evening’s sunset proved to be delightful (see photo). From a park a half block from Stewart’s cottage, we joined a throng to watch the spectacle. Bay View is strategically situated to enjoy sunsets across Little Traverse Bay. Today we ran errands. After breakfast, we walked back to the grocery store, then we walked past the family cottage to inspect what’s left of the beach. High water in Lake Michigan has all but eroded the beach in front of our cottage.

Back at Stewart’s cottage, Betsy and I read our books before eating lunch. She walked to Petoskey and read her book in Bayfront Park, while I sat on Stewart’s porch and read my book. At about 4 pm, Betsy called to let me know that our bikes were ready to be retrieved.  I walked to Petoskey and met Betsy to get our bikes. I had three errands to do: get my glasses adjusted, get cash, and get a haircut and beard trim at Lucky’s. Errands completed, we rode back to Bay View and ate big salads for dinner. As I washed the dinner dishes, light rain fell. It’s forecast to continue off and on into tomorrow as we resume our journey. We’ve ridden 2,581 miles and have about 1,560 miles to go to reach Bar Harbor!

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