Day 34 – Foggy Cycling

After nine restful hours of sleeping, we packed up and ate breakfast in the enclosed lower level of the campground office. The mosquitoes had awakened. We biked east through fog on US Hwy 2. In 4 miles, we ate more breakfast at the Country Girl Cafe in Gould City. We continued east through forested country. The scenic highlight of the morning was a spectacular clump of pink and white showy ladies slipper orchids. Just shy of Naubinway, we caught sight of Lake Michigan through the fog. Hwy 2 ran close to the lake for many miles. At a scenic view (see photo), we saw Epoufette Harbor, which sported a fishing village resembling one from the 1800's.

About 10 miles later, we ate lunch at a USFS campground and picnic site. We sat 30 feet from the lake on a stairway to escape the mosquitoes. Back on Hwy 2, traffic continued to be heavy, but the shoulder continued to be wide and smooth. After passing through the single-lane bridge construction at Cut River, the east-bound traffic pulsed. As we neared St. Ignace, the fog lifted and we could see the Mackinac Bridge, an inspiring feat of engineering and construction. We rode on I-75 for a half mile to the bridge toll booths, then crossed three lanes of north-bound vehicles to reach the bridge administration building. Betsy paid $10 to get us a VIP ride across the bridge to Mackinac City. There we rode to a hardware store to get Betsy’s front derailleur fixed.

After leaving the bike, we walked past a myriad of fudge and souvenir shops, and sat in the shade at the Mackinac Island Ferry dock. After Betsy retrieved her repaired bike, we rode a few blocks to a grocery store, then rode 2.5 miles south to the Mackinaw City Campground. Alas, she discovered that she’d left some of the food at the store. We rode back to town (minus Betsy’s panniers) to retrieve the food. It was a relatively short day that ended with sunshine.

6/29/19 : Gould City, MI to Mackinac City, MI - 60.0 miles.

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