Day 23 – Deep Dark North Dakota Soil

We slept well last night under the oaks. At 6 am, we packed up and rode 15 miles east on Hwy 46 to Enderlin for breakfast. The small town had an attractive feeling with hanging baskets of petunias along the Main Street; The Trackside Cafe served us a tasty western omelet and a bowl of oatmeal. Several local folks asked us about our journey.

Back on Hwy 46, we continued east for about 10 miles with easy riding. For the next 15 miles, the highway shoulder sometimes disappeared. The wind blasts of approaching trucks often hit us hard. The landscape changed from gently rolling wheat fields and pastures of grass and alfalfa to table-flat land and deep, dark soil with corn, soybeans, and wheat. Windbreaks of trees became wider, longer, and more common. We stopped at a Lutheran Church beside the highway for a snack break.

At County Road 16, we turned north and rode a mile into Kindred. We ate lunch at a park. A family visiting the father’s boyhood home ate at an adjacent table. He told us of the town’s history. When we got back on CR 15, we pedaled into a stiff headwind for 6 miles to CR 16, then we rode east for 9 miles until we crossed Interstate 29.

Yesterday, Betsy arranged a Warm Showers stay with Mara and Warren Solberg on their farm just east of I-29. Mara greeted us warmly when we arrived. She raises chickens, ducks, geese, and sheep that she sells at a farmer’s market (see photo). Another farmer leases the crop land. We chatted for a while then cleaned up and washed our clothes. Warren arrived and we ate dinner together. Thanks Mara and Warren for your hospitality! Today was a wonderful day: we traveled from  Sheyenne River, ND to Horace, ND- 62.9 miles.

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