Day 20 – Carried East by A West Wind

After we got in our tent at 9 pm last night, the neighborhood kids assembled at the park to mess around- the small town seemed to come alive. During the night, rain fell in buckets and lightning filled the sky. We stayed warm and dry however! When we exited our tent at 6 am, Angela and Vince were gone. We packed our gear and ate breakfast. After saying goodbye to Craig, we headed east for 6 miles on Old Hwy 10 under heavy overcast skies.

When we were back on I-94, we zipped eastward, propelled by a strong westerly wind. As we rode the 25 miles to the New Salem exit, the clouds broke and the sun enlivened the grassy landscape (see photo). The Adventure Cycling Association map said that a rumble strip occupied the entire I-94 shoulder east of exit 110. However, the update notes said that there was a 12-18” wide smooth strip along the outside edge. In reality, the biking was easy in spite of the rumble strip. We left I-94 at the New Salem exit and ate another breakfast at a cafe at the interchange. One of the local residents informed us that the World’s Largest Holstein Cow, New Salem Sue, stands placidly on a ridge about a quarter mile away. We had no idea that such a treat would come our way!

As we left the cafe, Craig arrived to get his breakfast. We said goodbye and rode into New Salem, turning east on Old Hwy 10 for the 33 mile jaunt to Bismarck, North Dakota. This highway had more hills than the interstate, but the west wind continued pushing us east past grassy terrain. In Bismarck we got a room at the Ramkota Hotel and attended to our shopping chores. Hearing Angela and Vince’s stories about being bitten by dogs (and getting rabies shots) prompted us to buy pepper spray. It’s always a good idea to listen to fellow travelers for tips and advice. After shopping for supplies, we went back to the motel to rest. Today we biked from Hebron, ND to Bismarck, ND - 65.1 miles.

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