Day 16 – A threatening but fine day

After breakfast, AJ drove Lazarus and me to Logan Brook Road where we began our south-bound slack pack. At about 8:40 am, after an hour’s drive during which light rain fell constantly, AJ dropped us off and we headed south on a 2,000-foot climb to Whitecap Mountain. As soon as we started hiking, the rain stopped. Happily, the trail wasn’t too steep… or maybe I’m getting stronger.

The summit was enveloped in clouds and there was a cold wind blowing. I put on my rain jacket to stay warm. Back down in the trees, I stowed my rain jacket. For the next few miles, the trail descended and ascended four times, but not too steeply or for very long. I ate lunch sitting on a plank at the Sidney Tappan campsite. A short climb took me to Gulf Hagas Mountain. Here, I texted Poet that I would arrive at the road pick-up spot in 7 miles at 4 pm.

A short steep descent took me to the Cooper Brook Lean-to where I got water. The trail grade moderated such that I could actually hike rather than picking my way around rocks and over roots. I passed by a small waterfall (see photo) and continued downhill following a stream. By and by, the sun came out for a while then retreated. The last part of the day followed a wide, well-used trail that tourists used to see a large waterfall.

A half mile from the road, I forded the West Branch of the Pleasant River. At the Road, I found Lazarus sitting on a rock waiting for me. We hoped our ride back to Monson would arrive quickly, but, alas, the ride was delayed for an hour so the three Alaskans could ride with us. Back at Shaw’s, I showered, settled my bill then ate a pizza from a C-store. Overcast returned but no rain. It appears that most of the climbing is over until Katahdin. Plenty of rocks and roots remain though.

08/11/19 - Logan Brook Road to Katahdin Ironworks Road: 14.9 miles

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