Day 15 – Warm Showers

Last night an amazingly loud grinding noise woke us up. We had no idea what could make such a racket! Eventually the din ceased. We arose at the usual time and got on the road by 7 am. The first ten miles of today’s ride ran across prairie. To the south, from a ridge, we saw Lake Bowdoin- a large expanse containing the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge. We rode onward for 17 more miles through prairie, some of which was formerly wheat fields subsequently planted with grasses.

In Saco (pop. 197) we stopped got a second breakfast at Pip’s Diner. Wonderful! Back on the bikes, we rode 12 miles to Hinsdale for a rest and cold drink.  Much refreshed, we headed east for 14 miles to a rest area for lunch. Today we dined on Justin’s peanut butter, tortillas, an apple and an orange. A few miles later, we rode past a group of horses standing near the highway (see photo). This was a typical scene of the day’s riding. In 10 more miles, we descended to the Milk River and entered Glasgow. We made a bee-line for the local bike shop, Cherry Creek Bike Shop. Nick, the owner, cleaned our bikes and tuned them. Thank you, Nick!

Previously, Betsy asked a Warm Showers host if we could stay at their home. Betsy got a message that we were welcome.  We cooked dinner at a city park then bought food at Albertsons. I treated myself to an ice cream cone. We biked a few blocks to our hosts’ home, where we had our own room. How great is that!? We cleaned up and washed clothes and chatted with Andy. We’re so grateful to be here! Not much wind today; we had to work for our miles: 70.9 in the books.

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