Day 13 – Zero Day

Monson, ME

Rain fell last night and continued into the morning. Having been in bed since 8:30 pm last night, I got up at 6 am. I found a book on mental toughness that seemed appropriate for the AT. I read a chapter then tackled the sumptuous hostel breakfast: three eggs, home fries, bacon, coffee, and endless blueberry pancakes, all for $9. About 20 hikers filled themselves to the brim. After breakfast I finished reading my book while Lazarus washed and dried our clothes. For lunch, I ate cast-off items from the hiker box followed by more resting. Helen called and we chatted about life on the trail. I finalized the slack packing for the 100 Mile Wilderness to four days and confirmed the schedule with Poet, the hostel logistics guy. Rain fell through much of the day, sometimes hard. The three Alaskans arrived looking miserable. My feelings of gratitude soared for my good fortune of being warm and dry in the hostel. I started another book and then returned to the Lakeshore Inn for another pizza dinner. Lazarus and I sat at the bar with fellow hiker Ron. The kitchen burned my pizza, and as a result I got a free appetizer that Lazarus and I demolished. When my fresh pizza arrived I could eat only half of it, saving four pieces for lunch on the trail over the next two days. Betsy and I talked about matters at home and her impending cycling trip to Montana. I feel ready to resume hiking tomorrow.

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