Day 12 – Biked 94.9 Miles Today

Last night we slept well in our cozy room. When we awoke at 6 am, the outside temp was 37 degrees! We packed up and walked to a cafe for breakfast. Well bundled on the bikes, we headed northeast on US Hwy 2 toward Browning. In a few miles we looked back at stunning views of the mountains in Glacier NP (see photo). Soon the forest disappeared, replaced by grassland with shrubs in wet places. A tail wind propelled us for 12 miles to Browning in short order. Betsy bought food for lunch. From town, we biked south for 3 miles into the wind then turned east with the wind. Most of the land on either side of the highway belonged to the Blackfeet Nation. The scenery was lots of gently rolling prairie but few cattle.

We ate lunch at a rest area in Cut Bank, at mile 46 on the day, then continued east for 22 miles to Shelby. As we biked, we saw more and more winter and spring wheat fields. We saw our first pronghorn of the trip. The tail wind continued. At mile 71 in Shelby, we decided to take advantage of the tail wind and continue for 24 miles to a motel at Galata. Betsy called ahead to make sure there was room for us. After buying food for dinner and breakfast, we continued east on US Hwy 2. The strong tail wind pushed us along at 20 mph- the fastest I’ve ever biked on level ground for a sustained period!

We passed by more dry land wheat fields and grain elevators in abandoned towns. Four miles from our destination, highway construction began; a gravel road replaced the paved road. We bumped along to the motel. The owners were very hospitable. Construction workers who rented most of the other rooms were in Shelby whooping it up for the weekend. We had the place to ourselves; it was great to be inside out of the wind. We biked 94.9 miles today.

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