Day 0 of The Northern Tier Bike Route – The Arrival

Yesterday, Helen and I managed to cram the two boxed bikes in the back of her Honda Fit. She kindly offered to use her car to ferry Betsy and me to the Denver airport in the morning. We all awoke at 5:30 am and left quickly. The drive to the airport was uneventful. We got out at the departure spot for Southwest Airlines and checked our panniers and bikes curbside. Way easier than schlepping our bikes from the bus terminal at the airport. A quick trip thru security, an hour wait for our plane then an uneventful flight to Seattle. An uneventful shuttle ride to Burlington and a second shuttle ride to Anacortes on Puget Sound. We got dropped off at a marina and assembled our bikes at a concrete base at a statue.

We found a dumpster for the bike packing stuff plus a cardboard recycling bin. We bought stove fuel and a lighter at a hardware store and broccoli, chicken to supplement our dinner and milk and yogurt for breakfast. We biked 4 miles to Washington Park and found the delightful campsite we’d reserved. We met bike tourers Jim and Carolyn who had just returned from Canada. After dinner, we walked to the beach and admired a clump of rhododendrons (see photo) with the San Juan Islands in the background. We start biking east on Hwy 20 in the morning.

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