Day 9 – Back on the Continental Divide Trail

Last night’s cool air temps made for delightful sleeping weather. I arose at 7 and chatted with cross-country driver Glen, then walked to the Shopping Basket for a cup of coffee. A firefighter in front of me in line paid for my coffee. How sweet! I ate instant oatmeal then drove to the post office to mail my New Balance shoes home. Then I turned in my rental car. Baloo cashed in two $15 gift certificates that Hercules gave him and treated me for lunch at Diane’s bakery. Back at the RV Park, I packed my gear and started hiking. I thought it prudent to start with a half-day rather than a full day of hiking. I walked for 6.5 miles on Little Walnut Road (see photo) with a stop at the group picnic area for water. I met Jim who gave me an orange, which I inhaled. Onward and westward on a gravel road. The elevation of 6500 feet provided enough moisture for ponderosa pines, alligator-bark juniper and plus tree and shrub oaks and some shade. The trail, now the Gila Alternate, turned north on a rough two-track gaining elevation. About 6 pm, I reached dry Bear Creek. I found a pool of clear water 150 feet upstream. I also found a great campsite close by. I drank about 2 liters of water and ate a no-cook dinner of crackers, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese. Two hikers arrived and left. My feet are tired but not painful. 13.3 miles hiked today.

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