Day 7 – Preparing for My Return to the Trail

Another day of lounging at the casita, at least for me. Will and Margie left at 6 am for a 100-mile bike trip. I repeated yesterday’s routine of reading on the covered porch and watching birds. I also examined my gear and put a number of items in a bag for Will and Margie to take back to Boulder. When the bikers returned from their ride, they looked remarkably fresh considering it was 104 degrees. Then they went for a run. I stayed put. About 2:30, we drove to a bike shop next to the University of AZ campus, dropping Margie at a laundromat along the way. At the bike shop, Will gave a talk about the mental aspects of conditioning and riding. Afterwards, we retrieved Margie and ate a delicious dinner at Rosa’s. By the time we returned to the casita, the air temp had plummeted to 101. It actually seemed cooler. The well-insulated casita was 78 degrees. I arranged for a one-way car rental to Silver City, NM at 10 am tomorrow. I can walk normally and my feet don’t hurt. My plan is to stay in Silver City Monday and Tuesday. I’ll resume my hike on Wednesday, skipping the section from Lordsburg to Silver City for now.

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