Day 6 – Healing My Feet

I slept well last night on a thick foam pad on the floor of a casita. My feet still hurt and walking pained me. Will and Margie went on a morning run. I sat on a covered patio and watched birds in the Sonoran Desert vegetation (see photo). Lots of suguaro cacti, tall palo verdi shrubs, and knee-high shrubs. I spotted white-winged doves, house finches. Bendire’s thrashers, Gila woodpeckers, a verdin, and a black-chinned hummingbird. I also read Daniel Pink’s book When. More of the same after lunch. We drove to a Walgreens to fill my prescriptions, eat a bit, and get food for dinner. The air temp was 100 degrees. After our errands, I doctored my feet and read indoors. A wonderful day and a wonderful way to care for my feet.

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