Day 5 on the Continental Divide Trail

When I awoke in my room at the Econolodge my swollen feet ached. Standing was barely possible. It was all I could do to reach the bathroom. After a rest, I hobbled 80 feet to the breakfast room and pondered my options. I accepted Boulder friends Will and Margie’s offer to drive from Tucson (where they were vacationing) to pick me up and take me to Tucson for a few days of rest. The doctor at the local clinic opined that my blisters weren’t infected. He gave me a prescription for silvadine and an anti-inflammatory to shrink my feet. A nurse bandaged my feet. CDTC volunteer Peru kindly drove me to and from the clinic. I spent the rest of the morning sitting in bed chatted my with Hercules as he worked on his town chores. I spent the PM sitting in Radar and Peru’s motel room chatting with hikers who dropped by. A gang of us drove to Ramona’s for a tasty dinner of Mexican food. Will and Margie arrived at 8:30. At 11, we reached Tucson. I feel fortunate to be here.

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