Day 43 on the CDT – Back on the Colorado Trail

Back on the Colorado Trail. I got up at 6 and packed my gear then called Riley to see how he was doing. He mentioned that he will start a job this week at one of Boston’s premier bike shops. It sounds as if it could turn out well for him. He made me promise to continue hiking the CDT only if I really wanted to do so. I hoisted my pack and walked downtown in search of breakfast but none of the restaurants were open. Instead, I ate a burrito and drank a cup of coffee at a food truck. By this time, the grocery store opened. I bought food to get me to Monarch Pass then reorganized my food bag. At 9 am, I was the first person in line at the post office. I mailed my snow gear home and picked up a package of maps. At 9:15, I started a 10.5-mile road walk to the CDT and the Colorado Trail at San Luis Pass. Walking on the road even though I gained 2,300 feet of elevation. About 2 pm, I reached the Colorado Trail and let out a whoop. I felt at home, having hiked it twice. The scenery was grand, dominated by the massif of 14,000-foot San Luis Peak (see photo). I gained and lost elevation over two ridges then began a long descent along Cochetopa Creek. At 5:45, I reached a campsite mentioned on GutHook and dropped my pack. I set up camp, cooked dinner, and soaked my feet. As I was eating, three CDT hikers arrived and camped nearby. In spite of my late start and lots of elevation gain, I walked 19.0 miles today.

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