Day 34 on the Continental Divide Trail

A zero day in Chama. Oddly, zero days often seem hectic with lots of tasks to complete in a set period of time. Fortunately, I’ll have two zero days in Chama so I’m not feeling rushed. Today’s tasks include eating lots of food, checking gear, communicating with loved ones, laundering my clothes, and doctoring my left foot. I’m staying at the Y Motel, a modest establishment with a well-stocked hiker box (see photo). Actually, several boxes where hikers deposit unwanted gear and food and take what they want. I got three energy bars, a piece of line, a tube of skin lotion, and a cup of laundry detergent from the hiker boxes. About 8 other CDT hikers are staying here. We chat about the joys and sorrows of hiking and speculate about the snow depth in the South San Juan Wilderness.

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