Day 33 on the Continental Divide Trail

Off to Colorado on June 1. Cool again last night. Timber and I started hiking at 6 am through subalpine forest for a mile. We gained a bit of elevation to Brazos Ridge running north with grand views of the countryside. The wind blew constantly plus the trail was often rocky. After 5 miles the trail turned west along grassy terrain with scattered patches of forest. Amazingly, we saw a pronghorn. I had no idea that these prairie fleetfoots would live this high in elevation and with so many trees. We got water (lots today) then ate lunch. Onward through forest with about one-third of the spruce trees standing dead. Deadfalls on the trail will be a huge management challenge for years. Finally, we left the dense forest and turned north on more open ridges. We reached the New Mexico-Colorado border and celebrated that milestone. Onward toward Cumbres Pass and CO Hwy 17 to Chama. Timber surged ahead wanting to get to the post office by 4:30. Lots of great views (see photo). At the pass, I found him chatting with some tourists but they were going the wrong direction. We hustled to the train station parking lot and got a ride with local resident Connie on the first try. She dropped us off at the post office. I walked a block to the main drag. A shopkeeper asked me if I would of like a ride to the Y Motel. I must have looked pretty best. Trail angel Ralph happened to be standing there and gave me and another hiker a 1.5 mile ride to the motel. The motel was full but hiker Eric shared his room with me and Timber. What luck! After downing a quart of chocolate milk, I started soaking my feet. 19 miles today. I am looking forward to two zero days in Chama.

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