Day 3 on the Continental Divide Trail

The wind blew almost all night. But when I awoke all was calm. I ate granola and got a liter of water from the metal water tank. The morning’s hike ran thru desert shrubland, mostly along hillsides. The rocks on the slopes pounded my feet. In six miles I reached a water cache near Hwy 81. My younger hiking pals were long gone. I had a drink and got a liter for the 5-mile walk to a cow trough. More walking through creosote bush. The cow trough was located on saddle between low hills. A well fed a 12-ft tall steel tank that fed the trough- an old tractor tire. More walking on an old rocky two-track road (see photo). By this time the sun blazed and the wind blew hard. The highlight of the day was a trail angel named Apple. The trail angels in several places including the CDT and the Colorado Trail. I had a cold drink and bag of chips then headed west. I was pooped but wanted to make four more miles so I can reach Lordsburg tomorrow. The prospect of a room, a shower, and laundry motivated me. At 5:30 p.m. I found a semi-protected spot behind a patch of dead shrubs. 21 hard miles today.

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  1. Buddy,

    Hope your blisters are not too awful. Must be tough keeping the feet good in the heat, but it sounds like you are off to a strong start. I am envious.

    Keep trucking,



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