Day 26 on the Continental Divide Trail

For some reason (sore feet maybe), I slept fitfully last night in spite of cool night air. I started hiking as the sun peeked over the ridge to the east. The trail soon ascended a sandstone escarpment. The trail then ran along the edge of the escarpment for several miles providing grand views of the austere landscape (see photo). Piñon-juniper woodland covered most of the route as I descended slowly. In a few miles, the trail ran through sagebrush meadows then on a ranch road to a paved highway. I walked 5 miles along the highway to Cuba. I bought a half-gallon of chocolate milk then checked into Del Prado Motel. After getting packages that had my cold-weather sleeping bag and my down sweater, I took a shower and soaked my feet. About 6 other game hikers were likewise resting at the motel. I spent the rest of the day organizing my food and calling family and friends. 12.5 miles today.  Back on the trail tomorrow morning.

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