Day 25 on the Continental Divide

Another day of contrasts. The morning started with shale badlands and moved into sandstone escarpments and mesas. When I crossed a paved road at 4 miles in the day, I didn’t find the water cache. Major bummer! But 200 yards later I found Marty and Kale at the cache with water. What a relief! Thanks to the Trujillo family for stocking it. I filled my water bottles, confident I had plenty for the 16-mile hike to Jones Spring. Getting there involved lots of modest ups and downs climbing up escarpments then following and descending them. Walking varied from smooth to rocky. Much of the trail followed the edges of escarpments with expansive views. Before lunch, my water consumption was modest but it jumped big time in the afternoon with its relentless sun. I think the high temp was about 85-90 degrees. More walking along the edges of escarpments. Some of the spots reminded me of southeastern UT (see photo). At last, I reached Jones Spring located in an alcove. I filled all my bottles and walked another two miles to a fine campsite under a juniper tree. I quickly drank 2 liters of water and cooked dinner. Another liter of water disappeared. 23.3 miles today. Only 12.5 miles to Cuba.

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