Day 21 on the Continental Divide Trail

After a restful and warmish night, I got going on a 21-mile highway walk to Grants. Like yesterday, I hiked along the highway right-of-way picking my way to minimize slanted ground and patches of weeds with stickers. In 4 miles, I passed a campground. At 6 miles, I stopped at a closed ranger station to get water. I met Sleepy resting at the turnoff to the station. Mike had left a few minutes before I arrived. The 9 miles to Interstate 40 went slowly. Happily, sandstone cliffs provided visual interest, plus the morning air was cool. Stickers lodged in my socks frequently irritating my feet. At 12:15, I crossed over I-40 and bought a quart of chocolate milk at a gas station. I found Mike eating lunch at a Subway. I ate some crackers. We walked the last 6 miles to Grants together, which made the time move faster. Mile peeled off to Motel 6 while I continued into town. I contemplated staying at the South West Motel but was discouraged by their sign (see photo). I checked into the Sands Motel and cleaned up. A foot bath helped them feel better but my back is hurting. Perhaps I need to walk fewer miles per day. I organized my maps, checked water availability for tomorrow, and made a shopping list for the 106-mile hike to Chama. A pizza for dinner filled me up. 20.8 Miles Today.

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