Day 18 on the Continental Divide Trail

I had trouble falling asleep last night because I kept thinking about potential problems. Will my food and map box arrive tomorrow? Will my sore feet heal with a day off? Will the 76-mile road walk to Grants over four days hammer my feet? Will Riley be able to mail me the cold-weather sleeping bag to Cuba? Will I stay warm enough until then? I awoke about 7 am for a foot recovery and rest day in Pie Town. About 9, Radar drove a load of hikers to the Gathering Place for a hearty breakfast. On the way back, I stopped by the post office and got my food box. Yeah! Thank you, Betsy! For the rest of the day, I sat around soaking my feet in Epsom salt water and chatting with hikers and bikers (including two from Belgium). By dinner, about 15 people were sitting on the side porch visiting and drinking beer (see photo). I’m glad for a zero day.

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