Day 15 on the Continental Divide Trail

The wind that blew all day died down overnight. I was barely warm in my sleeping bag, but I didn’t don my long john bottoms or my wind jacket. The trail gained elevation to a northeast-trending ridge where I had expansive views plus cell phone service. I called Betsy to check in. From the ridge the trail slowly lost elevation through ponderosa pine forest then Douglas-fir forest the piñon-juniper woodland. I passed by a dry lake densely populated with grasses. In two miles, I passed by a water cache. I took only a little opting to fill my bottles at a metal stock tank in a mile. Past the tank, the trail climbed for two miles to US Hwy 12. I could have hitched 28 miles to Reserve, NM, but opted to walk 40 miles to Pie Town. The last 4.7 miles of the day were hard on my feet. I found a fine campsite under a ponderosa pine. Hikers, Minutes and Bartender, were setting up their tent. We chatted then got down to business of setting up camp and eating dinner. 22.2 miles today.

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  1. Al,

    Nice recovery ! I do not know if you read this stuff , but I once ran 113 miles using Vaseline on my feet to cut down the friction.

    Dan Bowers

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