Day 14 on the Continental Divide Trail

Today started much like yesterday ended - walking on a gravel road. After 4.5 miles, the road broke out of the forest into the grassland on Collins Park. I got water at metal stock tank and found two Great Divide cyclists huddled behind the tank while filtering water. The wind blew hard. I walked through grassland for two miles then back into the much less windy Forest. I walked on a gravel road through  ponderosa pine forest along the bottom of Cox Canyon for 8 miles to Dutchman Spring. Spreadsheet and Mulch had already arrived. Mulch said she was tired from walking too fast. It seemed that she wanted to be magically transported to town for a rest. I walked on for a mile where I encountered Section 15 of the official Continental Divid Trail. I started walking on a constructed and marked trail. How about that! I decided to walk another 5.7 miles and camp at a stock pond. Along the way, the trail passed thru a burned area with many small deadfalls on the trail. I also had a long view of the flats of New Mexico. At length, I reached my destination. The pond had murky water, but I collected 2 liters anyway (see photo). I cooked dinner and set up my tent in a shaded, level spot. I’m happy that my feet were up to the 23.1-mile hike today.

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