Day 10 on the Continental Divide Trail

On the trail at 6:30 after a cool restful night. I followed Bear Creek for 1.5 miles then headed North and uphill. In a few miles, I came to the trail register provided by Hermit Doug. I met him a few minutes later. He explained that he lives in a small cabin on a 40-acre homestead parcel. He makes an annual resupply pilgrimage to town but otherwise lives here. I headed uphill to Tadpole Ridge passing an area of hoodoos (see photo). The 1000-ft climb wore me out. From the top I hiked downhill for 1.5 miles to a steel water tank for a shady lunch. I continued downhill in shady Sheep Corral Canyon to Sapillo Canyon only 1/4 from the Gila River. I met Cornelius sitting at a campsite rehydrating. He mixed me a pint of Gatorade, which I drank immediately. I walked to the Gila River and headed upstream. For two hours I followed a human - cow path fording the river occasionally. At 6 pm I stopped at a campsite near the river. 20.2 hard miles today.

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