Day 6 on the Southern Tier Bike Route

Last night the truck traffic never stopped on US Hwy about 200 ft from our tent. My ear plugs and (eventually) cool night air helped me sleep. We headed southeast on US Hwy 60 following the cottonwood riparian forest along the Hassayampa River (see photo). We hadn't seen this much native deciduous vegetation since San Diego. After 18.5 miles we stopped at a mini mart in Wittmann for tasty breakfast  burritos and coffee. Back on the bikes for 10 miles to Sun City then another 10 miles to the dry Agua Fria River. We left the route for half a mile to visit a Performance Bike shop. The terrific mechanic adjusted my handlebars and brakes, checked Betsy's bike, and pumped up our tires, too. Back on the route, we rode for 16 miles on a bike path mostly along the Arizona Canal and adjacent massive storm water channel. Back on city streets where Betsy had a flat. After fixing it, we continued south and east to Mesa. We again left the route for the Mesa Mezona Hotel where we met brother Bob and his wife Kay. They live in Chandler. We enjoyed dinner together then they went home while Betsy and I crashed in our hotel room. 79 miles today.

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