Day 5 on the Southern Tier Route

We both slept well last night. Up at 6:30 A.M. and on the road soon after. We climbed to a pass gaining 500 ft of elevation then cruised to Salome at mile seven on the day for breakfast. We met fellow Southern Tier bikers Jurgen and Hika from Germany. Great food and wonderful conversation. We hit the road after inspecting their fully loaded touring bikes. In five miles, we passed Wenden, a dusty farming town. After getting water, we headed east for a 23-mile dry stretch. In spite of a headwind and slowly gaining elevation, we moved along at 10 mph. We reached Aguila, an even dustier farm town. We stopped for lunch at a shaded picnic table. As we finished our lunch, our German friends passed by. We shortly passed them. The final 26-mile stretch of riding continued through Mojave Desert, mostly creosote bush with scattered mesquite shrubs in drainages (see photo). Our sore rear-ends begged for relief. At length, we gained a pass and began an easy seven-mile descent to Wickenburg. We got a grassy and shady campsite at the Aztec RV mobile home park for $12. We cleaned up and I called brother Bob to arrange a rendezvous tomorrow in Mesa. After a big dinner at a restaurant, we were in our tent at 7 pm.

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