Day 40 on the Southern Tier Route

I awoke at 6:30 A.M. even though I didn't need to get up so early,  because I had only 27 miles to bike today. After packing my gear, I ate breakfast at the motel then started riding at 8. The first quarter mile went directly into the sun over a bridge over the St. John's River. Would motorists be able to see me through the intense glare? After the bridge, I headed northwest on FL Hwy 207. Yesterday's strong wind from east the north had moderated considerably. Biking was easy on a smooth shoulder under a clear blue sky. The cold air (about 45 degrees initially) stiffened my fingers but I could shift gears without difficulty. The terrain included the usual pine plantations and grassy pastures but also featured plowed fields. Some contained small plants of what I assumed were winter vegetables, such as lettuce and spinach. I passed through the hamlet of a Spuds, self-proclaimed as the Potato Capital of Florida. I reached the outskirts of St Augustine about 10:30. I turned north on busy US Hwy 1 and passed Sprockets bike shop to which I would return later to drop off my bike for packing to put in the airplane to Denver on Wednesday. A half mile north of Sprockets, I turned east on King Street and rode a half mile to the historic downtown. I stopped at the Bridge of Lions, the end of the Southern Tier Route and asked a fellow to take my picture. Finishing the ride was anticlimactic without any drama. But that was fine with me. I bought a cup of coffee and a scone and called Riley to tell him I'd finished. I sent Betsy, Helen, and Riley a picture (see photo). After buying a book to read on the plane trip home, I rode back to Sprockets and dropped off my bike. My cousin Larry and his wife Rosanna live in St. Augustine and graciously agreed to pick me up at the bike shop and put me up for two days. After lunch, we drove to their home. One of their neighbors, Chuck Snavely, came over and told us about his recent Northern Tier Bike tour. It sounded like a great trip for June -July 2019.

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  1. You did it! Congratulations.


    Clay Evans

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