Day 38 on the Southern Tier Route

A late start. I mistakenly set my alarm for 7:30 A.M. instead of 6:30 A.M. I arose at 7:30 A.M., packed up, and rode into town for breakfast. The 'big boy' plate with eggs, hash browns, toast, and biscuits and gravy filled me up. I headed east on US Hwy 90 for 15 miles to Greenville then 12 more to Madison. Biking was easy on the wide, smooth highway shoulder and not much elevation change. After Madison, I rode 15 miles to the Suwannee River (see photo) then ate lunch a mile later at a Florida Agriculture Inspection station. Pleasantly full, I rode 15 miles to Live Oak where I had a cold drink and a break for my sore rear end. The last 26 miles of the day tested my mettle, not because of difficult biking but because of my tender derrière. I had to change my position every few minutes to manage the pain. At 4 pm, I arrived in Lake City and bought food at a Publix. I continued on US 90 hoping to find either an RV Park or a motel. Alas, I found neither. I ended up asking the manager of a former motel now used as low, budget month-to-month housing if I could set up my tent in her back yard.  She graciously agreed. I ate dinner inside my tent then planned the last two days of the trip. Tonight will be chilly with a low of 51. Tomorrow night will be much colder - a low of 37 degrees. Thus, I made a motel reservation for tomorrow in Palatka. 83 miles today.

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