Day 37 on the Southern Tier Route

Cold then warm. It was cold last night with a low of 51 degrees. My one-season down quilt was barely warm enough to keep from shivering, even with all my clothes on. I started biking at 7:00 A.M. My hands were cold but they could function. Yesterday was colder - I could see my breath yesterday but not today. The terrain today featured numerous ups and downs and a modest head wind in the morning. About 17 miles on the day, I crossed the Appalachicola River then ascended a short, steep hill to the town of Chattahoochee. What great names! Eastward on US Hwy 90 for 9 miles to Gretna, passing a walk for breast cancer on the way. In six more miles, I reached Quincy then biked 10 more miles to Midway. I ate lunch on a grassy patch near the highway next to a huge Camper's World RV store. Back on Hwy 90, I soon reached the outskirts of Tallahassee. In town, I biked with lots of traffic, passing by the Florida State University campus. Lots of tall buildings packed close together. Out through the Northeastern part of Tallahassee past large homes. Mercifully, traffic abated and the great road shoulder continued. My energy lagged for the last 18 miles of the day. A scenic highlight was Lake Miccosukee, created by a low dam immediately north of the highway. The cypress swamp bordering the lake glowed in the late afternoon light (see photo). Finally, I reached Monticello and checked into the Brahmin Motel. It's probably the seediest place I've ever stayed ($35 cash only) but after biking 87 miles today I didn't mind. If I get going early tomorrow and pedal hard, I may be able to stay ahead of the approaching cold front and rain and reach Lake City in 83 miles.

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