Day 36 on the Southern Tier Route

Another great day. Up at 6:30 A.M. and on the road at 7. After breakfast at a nearby Waffle House, I headed east on US Hwy 90 for 29 miles to De Funiak Springs. The shoulder of US 90 continued wide and smooth as I passed by live oak forest, pine plantations, grassy pastures, lots of rural homes, and a few streams and low spots with cypress trees. I wondered what these folks do to earn a living. Opportunities for middle class jobs seem to be sparse. At De Funiak Springs, I got food for lunch (crackers, cheese, and chocolate milk, which I drank immediately). I got out the final map for the Southern Tier. Continuing east on US 90, I passed through seven small towns spaced 6 - 10 miles apart, providing landmarks and places to top off my water bottle and get off the bike for a few minutes. At Chipley, one of the clerks at a convenience store couldn't believe that I'd biked from Crestview today. An Asian American fellow standing nearby confided to me that I looked young because of my exercise and that most Americans spend too much time watching television. In 19 more miles, I arrived in Marianna and bought a scrumptious pizza. I ate six of ten pieces and saved four for breakfast. I headed east for three miles to the Arrowhead RV park but somehow missed it. Perhaps I subconsciously didn't want to pay $31.25 for a camp spot. After I realized my error, I continued for three miles and stealth camped on a cleared gas pipeline right-of-way that paralleled the highway (see photo). I can hear cars on the highway, but my ear plugs will dampen the noise. Today was another glorious day like yesterday. Another is forecast for tomorrow. 92 miles today.

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