Day 35 on the Southern Tier Route

From the Gulf back to pine lands. I was up at 6:30 A.M., ate my granola, packed, and on the road by 7:00. I rode along AL Hwy 182 past huge condo towers, as well as smaller homes, and shops. I stopped at a Waffle House for more breakfast. My hunger knows no end. l continued east on Perdido Key past more 15-story condo towers as well as Perdido State Park, which featured coastal scrub and a few beach access points. I rode over a bridge spanning the end of Perdido Bay into Florida then northeasterly on the mainland on FL Hwy 292 for 10 miles to Pensacola. No shoulder and lots of rush hour traffic. Downtown Pensacola has several delightfully designed buildings suggesting its Spanish heritage. I briefly ran into Rikard and Bryce at the east end of town. They were about to ride south on a causeway to US Hwy 98, while I headed north on US Hwy 90 through the bluffs scenic area. I had views of Escambia Bay as well as lots of ups and downs and a head wind. At the north end of the Bay, I crossed the Escambia River on a high bridge that afforded fine views of cypress forests (see photo) and salt marshes. A few miles later, I stopped in Pace for lunch at a grocery store. Then east on US Hwy 90 for 8 forgettable miles of strip mall development to Milton. Thereafter, highway went through pine lands with some live oak forests and a little topography. I stopped for a water break in Holt, supplemented by a piece of fried chicken. Tasty but probably not healthful. Onward for the last 12 miles of the day to Crestview. At 4:30, I checked into the Crestview Inn, dated but clean for $47. Today I didn't see a cloud plus the air was pleasantly cool and dry. 88 miles today.

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  1. Dang, Alan. Rolling right along. I know the Panhandle is pretty long, but you’re almost done!

    Clay Evans

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