Day 33 on the Southern Tier Bike Route

From the pine lands to the Gulf. Up at 6:50 A.M. for breakfast of the Subway sandwich from last night. I packed up my gear then walked to the police station to use the bathroom. Interestingly, during the 150-foot long walk to the station, my bowel signal jumped from just above zero to beyond 100 percent. As I reached the back door of the station, I could hold no longer. I made the mistake of dropping my pants. Instead of pooping exclusively in my pants, I pooped in my pants and on the concrete walkway at the back door. At that exact moment, one of the police officers drove up and stopped. He inquired if I was ok. I responded that I wasn't. He opened the back door while I pulled up my pants. I hurried inside to the men's bathroom and shower to start the cleanup process. At least the dark cloud had a silver lining: a toilet, a shower, soap, water, and paper towels. Half an hour later, I finished cleaning up the mess and started biking. After my day off, I had lots of energy. The first 21 miles to Bogalusa passed quickly. After another speedy 22 miles to Poplarville, Mississippi, I ate lunch at a table in front of a grocery store. Then southeast on MS Hwy 53. No shoulder but a smooth pavement and a tail wind. I zipped along until the road got bumpy at the county line. About 65 miles on the day, I stopped for a cold drink at a road junction. When Hwy 53 reached the next county, the road got smooth again. I reached US Hwy 49 and turned south toward Gulf Shores. Lots of traffic with a tail wind as I road past a dismal melange of chain stores. I reached US 90 at the Gulf of Mexico and turned east. I rode on a concrete path just above the beach (see photo). A delightful contrast to the ugly approach on US Hwy 49. I rode east for an hour and decided to call it a day at a Motel 6 after 98 miles biked. Tomorrow will be a 90 mile day with a ferry ride across the bottom of Mobile Bay.

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