Day 31 on the Southern Tier Route

Ups, downs, wind, and a fair. After breakfast of granola, strawberries, and milk, I headed east on Hwy 10. Riding was easy for 13 miles to Clinton in spite of almost constant small ups and downs. After 17 more miles, I arrived in Greensburg and topped off my tires at 90 psi. I also learned from a sheriff's deputy that I can get around the bridge under construction a mile east of town. I rode around the bridge for 200 ft on a dirt road bike that the contractor built for local residents. I had the highway to myself for a half hour. In 14 more miles, I rode over Interstate 55 and a mile later ate lunch in front of the Fluker post office. I rode south for four miles on US Hwy 51 to Arcola where I had a cold drink. I headed East on Hwy 10 for the last 15 miles of the day,  now minus a shoulder. Traffic was light but my rear end protested constantly. A head wind and numerous small ups and downs didn't improve my morale. I temporarily forgot about my sore rear end when three large black dogs chased me for about 200 yards. About two miles from Franklinton, my destination for the day, rain fell briefly from a gray-black sky. I rode into Franklinton directly to the police station where I had arranged to camp in a grassy equipment storage area behind the station. I checked, set up my tent, showered then headed to the Franklinton Free Fair as light rain fell. This five-day event attracted an estimated 275,000 (not a typo) visitors last year to a town of 4000 residents. What a mob scene (see photo). I walked around and ate a cup of crab bisque (delicious) then walked back to the police station. I got on my bike looking for dinner and hit a home run, a Cajun - Chinese buffet for $10. Well stuffed, I rode back to the station. Several of the officers dropped by my tent to chat about the bike ride. I got in my tent and called Betsy. 69 hard miles today.

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