Day 3 on the Southern Tier Route

We slept well in the motel. After a breakfast of fake eggs and industrial sausage, we headed north on Hwy 86 for 12 miles past fields of grass to Brawley. We got water in town for the 30-mile dry stretch to Glamis. We rode east on Hwy 78 past more fields of grass (it looked like crabgrass) for nearly 15 miles to the Highline Canal. Irrigated agriculture ended abruptly and Mojave Desert began. We enjoyed the 14 miles of desert and the Algadones Dunes, which were mostly bare sand. We arrived at Glamis thirsty and hungry. We learned at the convenience store that the settlement lacked drinking water. Thus, we bought 1.5 gallons of water and 2 quarts of Gatorade. As we were rehydrating and eating, the store manager told they were closing. We shuddered at the thought of arriving after the closed store only to find no water. We bought more water and headed out for a dry, 30-mile ride to Palo Verde. Happy, we got COLD water at a Border Patrol station. The desert was beautiful (see photo). We arrived at Palo Verde about 5:30, thirsty and hungry. We camped at an RV park in the shade of big tamarisk trees on the banks of a slough of the Colorado River. Delightful. Showers, dinner, then bed at 8 pm. 81 miles today.

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