Day 28 on the Southern Tier Route

The last day in Texas. Last night was cool, so much so that I wore my stocking cap and raincoat to bed. Up at 7:00 A.M. and on US Hwy 96 northbound looking for breakfast. In two miles I bought a pint of chocolate milk at a convenience store then rode 11 more miles to Buna. I found breakfast pancakes and coffee at Adilina's Deli for the bargain price of $1.99. Riding was easy on a wide, smooth shoulder all the way to Kirbyville, 29 miles in all. A mile farther, I traded easy riding for shoulder-less TX Hwy 363. Like yesterday, logging trucks passed me going either direction all day. Happily, I didn't meet two logging trucks at the same time on Hwy 363. After 18 miles of slower riding, I ate lunch (a pint of ice cream) in a scrap of shade in front of the post office in Bon Wier. Now on US Hwy 190 with a shoulder, in two miles I crossed the wide and sandy Sabine River into Louisiana (see photo). Onward for 7 miles to Merryville where I got Louisiana highway maps, then for 18 more miles to DeRidder. On the way, I passed a small saw mill turning out posts and a factory making containers, perhaps cardboard boxes. That factory likely consumed many of the truckloads of logs I saw. I reached the incorporation limit of DeRidder, population 10,000, three miles before I saw any of the town. If that same situation occurs on the eastern approach to town, the town would be six miles long. I bought groceries then rode to the Pine Grove Estates (!) RV park. For $10, I got a grassy, shady spot and a shower but no picnic table. No matter. I'm happy. 73 miles today.

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