Day 26 on the Southern Tier Route

Cooler weather and flatter terrain. Last night a cold front moved in. For the first time in several weeks, I wasn't hot when I snuggled in my down quilt. At 7:30, I packed up, drank a quart of chocolate milk, thanked my hosts, and rode three blocks to a tiny taco stand. Two breakfast tacos disappeared quickly. Navigating today was easy: TX Hwy 105 all day. It was more direct than the official route, plus the road surface was usually great - a wide, smooth shoulder. Today's most taxing aspect was the persistent head wind. However, trees along the north side of the highway frequently provided some protection from the wind. The 44-mile ride to Conroe at I-45 passed mostly through grassy pastures and oak forests. I rode through three small communities so I could gauge my progress. For the first time since Arizona, I saw another cross-country biker, a guy speeding west with the wind at his back. As I neared Montgomery, the landscape changed dramatically. A 15-mile long strip of commercial development replaced the pastoral scene. At first I couldn't understand why the development and traffic were so intense. Then I saw massive Lake Conroe and the light came on. At 50 miles north of Houston, the lake is a magnet for weekenders and second homes.  At length, I left Conroe for a 24-mile ride to Cleveland, TX. Interestingly, the land flattened noticeably, as if I was riding on an ancient ocean surface. Pines, maybe slash pines, became progressively more common. I stopped in Cleveland (see photo) at 3:30 with 68 miles biked on account of my sore rear end and hands. This in spite of lowering my bike seat an inch this morning. Finding no RV park, I checked into a Motel 6. I enjoyed the blue skies and the cool temperatures today.

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