Day 25 on the Southern Tier Route

Overnight at the Navasota Fire Station. Up not-so-early after a 10-hour sleep. I ate a huge western omelet at the restaurant next to the motel then set forth going northeast on TX Hwy 159. I didn't have much energy for the 16-mile ride to Roundtop. This town boasts more antique venues than any other place I've ever been. It seems that dealers set up periodic sales in which folks come from far and wide to sell and buy stuff. Ten miles farther in Burton, I had a water and snack break. Along the way, I saw cars parked outside small country churches. In 10 more miles at the intersection with busy TX Hwy 36, I ate lunch on the front steps of a church. In another 10 miles, I reached Independence and enjoyed a cold drink and a chat with a day biker whom I passed. He owns a farm and rides to town for exercise. The landscape today mirrored that of yesterday - rolling terrain, with grassy cattle or hay pastures on flatter sites and oak forest otherwise (see photo). I gained quite a bit of elevation today making many 50 - 100 foot climbs. In still another 10 miles, I arrived at TX Hwy 105 and turned east. The last 10 miles dragged due to my sore rear end and hands. I reached Navasota about 4 pm and called the Fire Station to confirm that I could camp there. Yes! I bought food for dinner and for tomorrow then biked south for a mile. The guys were out on a call but soon returned. Aicel and Aiden welcomed me. I cooked dinner in their day room and took a shower then set up my tent outside. A great end to a 65-mile day.

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