Day 20 on the Southern Tier Route

A route change. The Adventure Cycling map showed several steep climbs and descents today. Forget that. I opted for a more gradual route, namely continuing east on US Hwy 90 to Uvalde then turning north on US Hwy 83 to Garner State Park. I left the delightful Fort Clark RV park and rode to Bracketville for breakfast at a taco shop plus a quart of chocolate milk from a minimart. I headed east at about 8:30 A.M. under cloudy skies. Riding was routine with little wind plus a few stretches of smooth shoulder. As I headed east, the rolling brushy hillsides flattened and near Uvalde farm fields appeared on flat ground. I bought groceries for tonight and tomorrow at another HEB store then ate lunch at Subway. I called Betsy to wish her happy wedding anniversary number 32. Then North under full sun on US Hwy 83, a rather rough road. Initially, I rode past farm fields then through rolling terrain covered with bush. I saw several bands of goats in the brush. I wondered what keeps the coyotes from getting them. I gained elevation moderately as oaks and junipers became more prevalent. I believe that this area is part of the Edwards Plateau, underlain by thick limestone bedrock. Texas Hill Country. It reminded me of parts of Western Colorado, especially Mesa Verde National Park. At 20 miles North of Uvalde, I reached Concan, a hamlet with a convenience store, and downed a quart of Powerade. I guess I can't force myself to drink enough warm water while biking. Seven miles later, I reached Garner State Park, which commemorates former Vice President 'Cactus Jack' Garner under FDR and Truman. I got a campsite, set up my tent, and got dinner cooking. Then I walked 200 feet to the Fria River for dip in the shallow, cool water (see photo). What a treat! I ate dinner in the shade of junipers, mesquite, and oak trees under a cloudless sky with no wind. 67 miles today.

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  1. That’s a gorgeous little crick, Alan. Haven’t seen an update in a few days, but I hope things are going well.

    Clay Bonnyman Evans

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