Day 2 on the Southern Tier Route

After a pleasant night's sleep, we ate breakfast, found a bathroom, and headed back to the highway. After a short ride on Interstate 8, eased northeast on Hwy 79 toward Pine Valley, Betsy and I split a breakfast burrito at the Descanso Restaurant. Onward and upward then downward to Pine Valley where we stopped for a water break. We climbed again then dropped down as we followed I-8 on Old Hwy 80. We stopped at Jacumba for more water and a snack and water. Then another climb followed by a zippy 10-mile ride on I-8 dropping 3000 ft in elevation. The photo shows Betsy admiring the bouldery canyons along I-8. At the bottom we opted to take the Yuma alternate for a smoother ride on Hwy 98 for 20 miles. We turned north County Road 29, which ranged from bad to terrible for 7 miles. About 7:30pm, the sun set, and we rode the last 4 miles of the day to El Centro. We rented a room at Brunners Inn and Suites. After we cleaned up, we ate great burgers and salads at Burgers and Beer. Then bed. We were beat after a 96-mile day.

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