Day 19 on the Southern Tier Route

Lots of variety today. I appreciated the comfortable bed at the Comstock Motel last night. I packed up and rode my bike about 200 feet to Tacos Rosey for a delicious breakfast. I set forth on wet pavement under low clouds. Wind wasn't a factor, thank you very much. But I rode through two brief showers. After about 14 miles, I could see expansive Amistad Reservoir formed by damming the Rio Grande. Part of the reservoir lies in Texas and part in Mexico. I crossed a mile-long bridge over the water, while being splashed by an 18-wheeler that couldn't slow down a little. Five miles later, I stopped the National Recreation Area visitor center for a break and to call Betsy. Onward to Del Rio, which featured a three-mile long strip of chain stores, restaurants, and motels. Not at all attractive. I stopped at a huge HEB supermarket to buy lunch, dinner, and snacks. Back on the bike heading east on US Hwy 90. In a few miles, I passed by Loughlin Air Force Base and watched a jet and a prop plane practice take-offs and landings. East of the AFB, the landscape changed dramatically with denser vegetation, especially more small mesquite and hackberry trees. Also, the creeks had clear water. I could see fish swimming in Pinto Creek (see photo). Rain fell off and on. About 8 miles from Bracketville, a nasty cloud rumbled thunder. I pedaled as fast as I could to get out from under the cloud. In Bracketville, I rode for a mile to the Fort Clark RV park. It's located in a former cavalry post, now a private community. For $7, I got a soft camp spot next to a pavilion. After a shower, I cooked dinner under the pavilion while a flock of turkeys ambled by. What a find! The weather forecast for the next few days looks good. 63 miles today.

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  1. Now I know you’ve never been much for trail names, Alan, but after reading about you downing yet another jug of chocolate milk I think you deserve a trail/bike name related to that. Yoo-Hoo? Quik? Something in there … glad to see you are making good progress.

    Clay Bonnyman Evans

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