Day 16 on the Southern Tier Route

After I awoke at 6:30 A.M. and looked out the windows at ominous clouds, per the weather forecast, I saddled up and rode a few blocks to the Paisano Hotel, a classy structure built in 1927. I bought a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee for $5. Onward on US Highway 90 for 26 miles to Alpine. Easy riding even with the ascent of Paisano Pass. Downward from the pass, the smooth road surface helped me zip along past dry slopes with desert shrubs and grasses. In Alpine, I had a cup of coffee at a gas station then continued south on Hwy 90. Soon the smooth highway stopped and a new and rougher road surface began. The new road was unstriped and plenty wide. About 10 miles later, the old and smoother highway resumed, but the wind blew directly into my face. Slow riding. Bucking the wind was physically and mentally tiring. At least the mountains in the distance and the desert grassland provided plenty of visual interest.  Mysteriously, after about 10 more miles, the wind calmed. I pedaled about 15 mph.

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