Day 13 on the Southern Tier Route

Texas! We realized this morning that our motel was in Texas by about 200 feet. We rolled out of bed at 7:00 A.M. and feasted on the motel breakfast, which included stir-fried veggies. We've encountered few veggies thus far on the trip. Last night we switched and packed panniers so I could have the bigger pair. After some adjustments, we hit the road about 8:00 A.M. We headed south on TX Hwy 20 for about 10 miles to a police blockade. Our route ahead was flooded from last night's rain. We biked a mile east to I-10 and rode south on the frontage road for 8 miles to Mesa St. and the official route. We rode through traffic for another 8 miles to downtown El Paso. The downtown buildings looked forlorn, as if the downtown had seen better days. To get Betsy to the Crazy Cat bike shop, we abandoned the official route for Texas Ave and rode past lots of tire, body, and other car-related shops. In a few miles, Texas Ave morphed into Alameda Ave. After a mile, we turned north on US Hwy 62 and rode three miles to the shop. Betsy had arranged to have her bike boxed here so she can fly back home tomorrow. We ate lunch near the bike shop and after hugs and kisses, she walked a few blocks to a motel while I rode back down Hwy 62 to Alameda then rode east for a mile to North Loop Drive and the official route. I headed east through eastern El Paso then through Socorro and finally into the countryside. I rode past irrigated pecan orchards and cotton fields but few farm houses for 30 miles to Fort Hancock, my day's destination. After a mile ride on a side road, I reached the motel. It was dated and worn but clean and more than welcome to a thirsty, tired, and hungry biker. I showered then called Betsy to tell her I'm ok. Dinner cooked on my stove while we chatted. Biking is different without Betsy. 77 miles biked today.

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